Being A Homeroom Teacher

It’s been six months after i joined new school.I added one new job on my specific profile, homeroom teacher.It is the first time for me of being homeroom teacher.Never did before.

My class profile.

My class is one the brightest one among all class. It grade 11 Science. They are only twenty but each of them is a unique one. A  leader of Student council, an accomplished pianist, the highest score achiever,  a good singer, and good observer, a car maniac, a gifted, a Mackenzie, a Wushu master, an many others.

Some Surprises

Form the day one i enter the class they have already surprised me. They made one ambitious agreement: They want to win all school competition. and yes they did it. One day there was a class decoration competition.I forgot about it.I did not discussed to them anything about it.All i know when i came to the class they already worked on it perfectly and won it at the end.

Another ambitious thing, when they were in charged as flag raising ceremony officer. They want it to be a perfect flag raising ceremony. They practice a lots and the result is, i think it is arguably  the best flag ceremony yet in the school. no need to mention the challenging moment at that time, event they stood up in very hard situation in the D day. Hands up for them. I even made a video about it:

Flag raising practice

One more surprise, well, this is a bit personal, when they sneak around me and set a birthday celebration of mine. Oh my god i completely was not aware even a bit about it. It was so sweet until a took it on my dream. It was so sweet until i felt like living in a drama on TV. They care so much, apparently.


Every morning from 7:20 to 7:30 i meet them (well maybe one or twice i dd not). Giving the information that necessary, check attendance, and do morning pray together. On Wednesday i have PSEL class with them which i love. PSEL stands for personal, social, emotional, learning. In this class we usually discuss about certain issue related to the personal, social and emotional. I love this session. I’m used to set them in a circle, so we can see each other face.

Things to work up.

Well, being young homeroom teacher is short of two side of the coin. It is most likely be good for student but challenging for parents. I begin to learn that being a good teacher is not only a classroom’s star, but also “parent friendly” by mean facilitating any proper and professional communication with parent. Unfortunately this last one, i have never had in my college. What i remember from my college are: how to design a good lesson planning, assessment and other thing mostly related to student not parent.I have done two times of parents meeting. It arguably succeed but i’m not satisfy. I don’t know what and why but i just feel less satisfy. Well it is still not bad at all. But this is something i have to work up more.

A confession

I have to admit i still don’t know them so well. It is too many. In fact i don’t remember their parent’s name.We still learn on it.However i kind of begin to know what this class actually is. It is a solid and competitive class. What a fortune to be the part of them.


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