Handling Challenging Student

There is always a challenging student in every class.It is a common.It is complately normal.Every teacher knows it. They must be there. There are so many kind of challenging students. I have not being an expert about it yet. But recently i found one in my class. He is probably what we call a slow learner student. So here i’ll share what i have done and it seems work to him.

I tried the method of “make them succeed once”. Just like playing game, there are so many levels from the most easiest one to the hardest one. Because we begin with the easiest level, we can easily finish this level, feel happy, and want to try next level.That is what we call spirit.So I imagine if i can make this student succeed once in learning, he can believe that he is able to learn more, spirit.

After several times of practicing this method, I convinced him to be able to present his work in front of the class and he did it. There is a bit improvement in his achievement and lots of improvement in motivation. Well, i begin to beleive that this method works.It is just need a little more energy for teacher and of course patience.


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