Dream Big

This is the very first time i write my blog again. what can i say, yeah I’ve been absent for a months. There is now something new about me, except my weight. I got gain my mass more and more. I moved and left my former life. The normal thing that happen to almost every one after they graduated. We probably had great things while in university, in college, and in school. But right after that, we can only miss these memories because it went too fast. We have our own dream that drive us to move, to change, to jump for one episode to other episode of our life. This also make us fallen, and sick. But this is the most important thing that human has as a human being, DREAM!. Like Oprah said.

But, many people do not know what their dream is. I asked my students about their dream, and here is what they said

sailor, police then i can arrest the bad one, game engineer, top designer, architect, business man, chef, author, athlete of skate board , Governor of Jakarta, President.

So surprisingly what was in their mind. One thing for sure, amount of dreams are extremely reduced when we get older.  Time after time we forget of our own dream. Most of adult must be confused when is asked about their dream. I remember when i was in primary i want to be a radio broadcaster. I thought it was cool, having audience who listen to me and wait for their favorite song played. and soon and soon. My lecture was asking me when  i was in a class. he asked me about what i will be.  I was frozen. I was trying hard to find what is my dream, opening old files in my brain, taking look at my memories, but could not even found what is the answer of this simple question.

Ketimbang pusing mikirin apa jawabanya ( karena gak ketemu ketemu juga), akirnya ya setiap kesempatan yang ada di jalani saja. Adanya jadi guru ya ngajar. Kalau nanti ada kesempatan jadi penyanyi ya nyanyi, jadi polisi ya siap grak!, and soon and soon. But if you still have a dream, embrace it, live it, grow it and keep it in your mind so close. once you lost it, you will hardly found it anymore.

Dream, believe and make it happen!! – Agezmo


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