you dont spell handsome well.

 one of my favorite joke was when people told me handsome and i said “it was slander’ than we were lough together.

you know sometime we can take a joke to our lack. We can just take it easy to all of  our lack, our unfortunate because it will make us better. I also agree that we no need to take our self down after having a terrible moment. But actually we have other choice to handle our lack, espessially about handsome. Do this way :

Friend ” hey , your are handsome” ( but in fact you are not, or not really like that, or it just devinitely sounds like a mock )

you ” hey maybe you were not spell it well”

friend “what, were i not spell it well?”

you ” it supposed to be awesome not handsome”


you can be not handsome because it was you, you were you. But you can be awesome, awesome depended on your way, how the way you live your live. someone can be awesome even thouhg he wasnt handsome. but in my case unfortunately i was both handsome and awesome.  hahahhahaa


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