RPN (rasanya pingin nonjoouuuk)

RPN is the angry expression.

This happens when we were disappointed and when we were so close to our goal but  suddenly we cant.or, we did big effort and it is just in vain.Did you got it?

very well , i’ll give you some examples.

-when your younger sister was very annoying and taken part to you business,to your girlfriend and even she was your girlfriend spy.(RPN’s detected)

-when HP7 will never be showed in Indonesia’s theatre

-When you got no friend coz they were all busy to call their fuckin girlfirend

-when you are in Jakarta and your fan have been broken,you must be got hot a long day.

-when you were the only one who cant play football,can join winning II, and you just left behind.

-when you got cough so you cant sing even you really want to.

There so much more about RPN and so much Ado.


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